Last quarter brings success for RSV against Frankfurt

64:47-win against Mainhatten Skywheelers – Dirk Köhler outstanding
RSV Lahn-Dill wins the "Hessenderby" against Frankfurt´s Mainhatten Skywheelers in front of about 800 fans by finally deciding the game in the last quarter. An outstanding performance showed Center Dirk Köhler, who scored a double-double with 23 points and 15 rebounds.
After having a souvereign first quarter the RSV fell back a little in the second so the team from Frankfurt succeeded in coming back into the game and the halftime-score showed a 34:24 for Wetzlar. Now everybody in the gym expected the home-team to force a decision but Frankfurt scored 8 in a row to bring the game to a 46:42 at the end of the third quarter.
Then with a three-point-ply to score the 49:42 (31.) Dirk Köhler called for a 15:0-run that should now finally bring the game home for Wetzlar."It was important for us to show such a winner´s mentality in the end of the game, because we should keep this in mind for the game against Zwickau when we compete for number-one spot in the league at the Rittal-Arena next week“, RSV-coach Zeltinger resumed.
Pictures from the game:
Lahn-Dill: Dirk Köhler (23), Richard Peter (11), Michael Paye (10), Joey Johnson (6), Marco Zwerger (4), Patricia Cisneros (2), Kai Gerlach (2), Thomas Gundert (2), Felix Schell (2), Gesche Schünemann (2), Jan Kampmann (n.e.).
Mainhatten Skywheelers Frankfurt: Sebastian Wolk (17), Andreas Kress (13), Lars Lehmann (8), Nora Schratz (6), Johannes Hengst (3), Silke Bleifuß, Kenon Kahsai, Jörg Wycisk.

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