RSV Lahn-Dill moves easily to DRS-cup´s second round

Lahn-Dill beats own second team and SV Augsburg
After winning the historical premiere of a club-internall game against the team of RSV Lahn-Dill II the defending champion also beat the team from Augsburg and moved to the second round of the german cup-competition.
RSV Lahn-Dill II – RSV Lahn-Dill I  28:82 (8:21/10:45/24:64)
For the first time in club-history, both RSV teams had to deal with each other in an officiel match. "For our guys it was espescially the exiting experience to compete with international top-players for the first time." ex-first league player Jörg Fink made a clear statement of what it was all about in the end for RSV Lahn-Dill II.
Lahn-Dill II: Jan Gans (12/1 Dreier), Mark Beissert (5/1), Sebastian Block (4), Marni Abbott-Peter (2), Jörg Fink (2), Barbara Groß (2), Tristan Paar (1), Carsten Crombach, Christian Förster, Jan Kampmann.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (18), Kai Gerlach (17), Felix Schell (13), Joey Johnson (11), Gesche Schünemann (9), Thomas Gundert (5), Marco Zwerger (4), Dirk Köhler (3), Patricia Cisneros (2).
RSV Lahn-Dill I – SV reha Augsburg (20:7/40:9/62:17)
With Kai Gerlach and Gesche Schünemann being injured and Richard Peter being honored to carry the Olympic Fire back home for Vancouver 2010, the rest of Nicolai Zeltinger´s team left also in the deciding game of the cup-round no doubt who was the big favourited team this sunday. Especially captain Joey Johnson scored alsready 17 points until halftime, followed by Michael Paye who ended the game by scoring 20 points altogether.
Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (25/1), Michael Paye (20), Dirk Köhler (14), Patricia Cisneros (8), Felix Schell (4), Thomas Gundert (2), Marco Zwerger (2).
Augsburg: Manfred Wolf (15/1), Jürgen Heinrich (8), Benjamin Lenatz (5), Thomas Paa (5), Thorsten Schmid (2), Natalie Simanowski (2), Birgit Meitner, Julia Pfeiffer, Andreas Pecher (n.e.).

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