RSV celebrates first home-game victory

85:32-win against Cologne – Dirk Köhler gives great performance
Pleasing the crowd of 1000 fans, RSV Lahn-Dill won against the team from Cologne 99ers by 85:32 (26:2/51:10/72:21). Center Dirk Köhler, who finished with 27 points, 17 rebounds and three assists and steals, led the team from Wetzlar with an extraordinary personal performance.
It seemed pretty easy for the RSV-team against a weak performance of Cologne and when Michael Paye scored his second three-pointer in the end of the second quarter, the halftime-score showed a 51:10.
During the second half Lahn-Dill gave credit to the strong tempo of the first twenty minutes and Cologne took the chance to score a couple more points.
RSV´s new player Patricia Cisneros was overwhelmed by the home-crowd: "It was amazing. They welcomed me so gently, although they did not know me yet."
Well, she made ist easy to get to know her by actually scoring right the first points of the game in the very first minute.

Lahn-Dill: Dirk Köhler (27), Michael Paye (19/2 Dreier), Richard Peter (12), Joey Johnson (8), Patricia Cisneros (6), Marco Zwerger (6), Kai Gerlach (4), Felix Schell (3), Thomas Gundert, Jan Kampmann.
Cologne: Michalis Stergiopoulos (16), Yuki Ito (9), Manuel Onken (5), Frederic Jäntsch (2), Andrew Flavell, Gada Jammoul, Sedat Özbicerler, Patrick Richter, Lars Bergenthal (n.e.).

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