RSV´s European Champions are back home

Michael Paye wins internal competition against Richard Peter
Decorated with their gold medals, Britta Kautz and Gesche Schünemann landed happy and exhausted at Frankfurt airport this monday. Both were accompanied by the RSV-Crewmembers Physiotherapist Pia Briegel und Sportpsychologist Alexandra Hlawan, who also took part in the great success, while Annika Zeyen took a direct flight from London to reach her new sportive home at Alabama, USA.
For Gesche Schünemann, who scored extraordinary 93 points during the tournament for her team, this was already the second european championship after the "home-game" at Wetzlar 2007. Britta Kautz didn´t play at Wetzlar in 2007, because she took a time-out from basketball due to her studies. So this title was a very special one for the 27-year-old.
Almost at the same time at Richmond, Canada the Americas Cup´s final game gave stage to an internal RSV-duell between Richard Peter and his teammate Joey Johnson, who played for Canada and Michael Paye, who wore the US-jersey: At the Olympic Oval close to Vancouver US-Pointguard Michael Paye could celebrate a 79:69 (8:18/34:41/52:54) win over his canadian teammates. While Mikey scored 4 points in this game, Richard Peter scored 11 and Joey Johnson 12 points. Congratulations to all the three RSV-players for the succesful qualification for the world-championships next year.

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