RSV marks a „Big-Point“ in finding a substitute for Zeyen

Double Paralympics-Champion Patricia Cisneros joins the Wetzlar-Team
About ten weeks before the new season will start on October 17th, the german Cup-Winner RSV Lahn-Dill puts another important piece to the team-puzzle for next season: The two-time Paralympics-Winner Patricia Cisneros will be part of the RSV team next season.
The 31-years old captain of the US-nationalteam is probably the most complete and intelligent player in women´s wheelchairbasketball worldwide. Althogh it was quiet in public around the Wetzlar-headquarter during the last two months after the season ended, Coach Nicolai Zeltinger did not rest and travelled to the USA to set up benchmarks for the deal with Cisneros. The international reputation the RSV Lahn-Dill has helped to work details out easily.
"Patty is not only probably the most intelligent player worldwide, but she also brings a lot of routine and game-intelligence on the court." Coach Zeltinger gushes about his new player, who comes with a 2.0 classification. Team-Manager Andreas Joneck comments happily on the transfer from the Champaign Fire team in Illinois: "If you are looking for the mostlikely impossible way to substitute Annika Zeyen you have to look for a member of the team that was the one who had the quality to beat Germany." So there is no coincedence in the fact that the favourite women´s wheelchairbasketball player of the german Nationalcoach Holger Glinicki has an american passport and her name is- guess who? …Patricia Cisneros.

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