Outside shooting makes the difference between Frankfurt and Lahn-Dill

Video: Recap of the game as broadcasted by Hessischer Rundfunk RSV Lahn-Dill beat Frankfurt at home with 1100 fans in attendance.
It was not another ordinary game in the August-Bebel-gym. This eagerly awaited match-up between Frankfurt and the league leading RSV Lahn Dill saw the return of former RSV players Nora Schratz and Stefan Donner. What made it really special was the fact that this game was televised live and broadcast on the “Sport on Saturday” television show. The 1100 RSV fans and the tv viewers were treated to a 67:46 (10:8 / 33:21 / 53:32) win by the home team RSV Lahn Dill.
With 1.3 kilometers of cable, 40 employees and some very large vans the game was broadcast from the August-Bebel gym right into the living room of thousands of German viewers. The unusual environment provided a challenge for both teams as the game got off to a very slow start. “We were a bit nervous at the start of the game, probably because of these strange circumstances we were playing under” said coach Nicolai Zeltinger, who was not pleased with the performance of his team. A nice three-pointer by Gesche Schünemann at the end of the first quarter gave the RSV Lahn Dill the spark they needed and released some of the tension of the crowd. At the beginning of the second quarter, in rolled the RSV Express! This looked more like the team that has been unbeaten at home since December 2007.
While Frankfurt was able to shut down some of the RSV threats, they were not able to stop snipers Michael Paye and Gesche Schünemann. They combined for 45 points, almost as many as the entire Frankfurt team could manage.  Forward Thomas Gundert had a very strong game and was key in the tactical attacks that allowed Schünemann her great scoring opportunities. "The lineup with Thomas and Gesche has once again demonstrated that we have great depth in our team and have many tactical variations" praised Zeltinger.
Frankfurt coach Stefan Donner was unable to help his team change the momentum, as the RSV continued to build their lead
41:24 (23 minute) and 56:32 (32 minute).  RSV team captain Joey Johnson contributed early on and lead his team to another home win. “Although we did not play to the level we can, we still executed our game plan and came out with a win” noted coach Zeltinger as he analyzed the game.   

Nora Schratz, center Sebastian Wolk, and the young talented John Stallion, pleased the crowd with their effort and tough play. The next home appearance for the RSV Lahn Dill will be in five weeks when the team will defend their title. The final league game of the season for the RSV Lahn Dill versus RSC Osnabrück will be played at the end of the month in Osnabrück.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (26/1 Dreier), Gesche Schünemann (19/2), Joey
Johnson (8), Dirk Köhler (3), Richard Peter (3), Thomas Gundert (4), Kai
Gerlach (2), Felix Schell (2), Annika Zeyen, Marco Zwerger, Jan Kampmann

Frankfurt: Sebastian Wolk (12), Andreas Kress (9), Johannes Hengst (8), Lars
Lehmann (5), Kenon Kahsai (4), Jörg Wycisk (4), Jens-Eike Albrecht (2),
Silke Belifuß (2), Nora Schratz, Heike Friedrich (n.e.).

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