RSV Lahn-Dill secures their 7th home victory despite a strong performance by 99ers Joe Bestwick

In front of a crowd of 850 fans, and without team captain Joey Johnson, the RSV Lahn-Dill celebrated their 7th home victory on Saturday night versus the Koln 99ers 77:40 (26:17 / 41:25 / 59:37). Koln is the second team from Rhineland to fall to the RBBL league leading RSV within the last eight days. The RSV remain in first place just ahead of their arch rivals from Zwickau.
From the start the RSV could not shake Koln, British national team player Joe Bestwick took advantage of the absence of RSV Captain Joey Johnson. Bestwick, a bronze medal winner in Beijing, and one of the RBBL league top scorers had to work hard for his opportunities, but eventually got good shots to keep his side in the game up to fourteen minute mark, when the RSV lead 28:23. “In the Champions league all the teams can field players like Joe Bestwick, with these type of consistent performances that caliber of player can be the decisive factor in a game” agreed Zeltinger, but did not miss the chance to praise his team´s efforts. “We compensated well without Joey, other players shouldered the responsibility on defense and we had a balanced attack on offense.”

RSV Lahn-Dill stuck to their game plan and it was not surprising that they held a comfortable lead by halftime. Early in the third quarter scoring by Koln team captain Australian Andrew Flavell gave the 99ers a little bit of hope (46:31). However, the high pressure defense of the RSV wore down their opposition subsequently denying any further runs by Koln. All ten players on the roster for the RSV saw action in this game, and almost everyone scored. Jan Kampmann’s reverse layup rolled around the rim before it dropped out leaving him with a failed attempt.  The 99ers didn’t give up but it became increasingly evident throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters (31:53 – 26th minute and 37:68-34th minute) what the outcome would be.

Dirk Kohler was the top scorer for the RSV (22), demonstrating his abilities from both inside and outside the key. Michael Paye and Richard Peter who were also in double digits, were praised by coach Zeltinger, but he was especially happy with Thomas Gundert who came off the bench and played a solid error free game and added six key rebounds.
Next weekend the team will go on the road to Berlin to the Max Schmeling gym to meet ALBA Berlin. This trip to the capital is very important for the RSV in their preparations for their game the following week against their arch rivals from Zwickau.

Lahn-Dill: Dirk Köhler (22), Michael Paye (16/1 Three), Richard Peter (15),
Kai Gerlach (5), Thomas Gundert (5), Felix Schell (4), Annika Zeyen (4),
Marco Zwerger (4), Gesche Schünemann (2), Jan Kampmann.
Köln: Joe Bestwick (22), Frederic Jäntsch (6), Marina Mohnen (6), Volker
Frings (4), Patrick Richter (2), Andrew Flavell, Yuki Ito, Gabriel
Kasapoglu, Sedat Özbicerler, Michalis Stergiopoulos.

RSV-Magazin Defense