RSV Lahn-Dill struggles against strong guests from Osnabrück

Despite having probably weakest performance of the season RSV Lahn-Dill came out victorious 61:54 (16:14 / 37:24 / 50:33) on Saturday evening against Osnabrück. The RSC Osnabrück played a strong game and had a brilliant fourth quarter but it was RSV Lahn Dill who clearly demonstrated who the strongest team on the floor in the final minutes of the game.
“With 11:21 fourth quarter score we are fortunate to get this win in our home gym” pointed out RSV Coach Nicolai Zeltinger, as he along with the 700 RSV fans were surprised at how close the game was. The fans loud cheering and drum beating was almost in vain as the guests from Osnabrück went point for point with the home team in the first quarter. By early in the third quarter the Lahn Dill lead was as much as twenty points (48:28), but by the 36th minute of the game Osnabrück had fought back to within eight points (57:49).
Bad passes and numerous turnovers made it easier for the visitors but the fact that his team from Osnabrück rallied back after being down by twenty points was what impressed coach Frits Wiegmann. “I have told them that they should never give up and they demonstrated that today” beamed the Dutchman despite the defeat. German national team member Jens Schürmann, center Brian Roberts and dutch guard Mustafa Korkmaz gained the respect of the RSV fans with their agility and skill.
"We cannot be satisfied with this performance, we are still missing some important aspects of our game" coach Zeltinger commented. He knows that the bottom line is the two points gained in the standings by the win, but it is the careless errors that other teams may take advantage of that he is concerned about. After the great home performances recently against ALBA Berlin and Bonn the fans were a little nervous during this game, but everyone breathed a sigh of relief at the final buzzer.
Next weekend the autumn champions from Wetzlar will play their final home game of 2008 against RSC Trier in the August-Bebel gym.
Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (15), Richard Peter (10), Dirk Köhler (9), Michael Paye (9), Gesche Schünemann (5/1), Thomas Gundert (4), Annika Zeyen (4), Kai Gerlach (3), Felix Schell (2), Jan Kampmann (n.e.).
Osnabrück: Brian Roberts (15), Mustafa Korkmaz (14), Jens Schürmann (14), Ronald Röttel (9), Paul Toes (2), Elvis Fakic, Bernd Hüsemann, Andre Jörling, Konstantinos Tsatsoulis.

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