RSV Lahn-Dill and ASV Bonn offer great spectator entertainment

76:60-success on the Rhine – Kai Gerlach had another very strong performance
 Exciting, aggressive and classy, is a good way to describe the the fourth match in the wheelchair basketball season between the RSV Lahn-Dill and the ASV Bonn. About 950 spectators showed up Saturday evening in the Wetzlar August-Bebel gym. The fans were treated to a fantastic home victory over the team from the former federal capital. 76:60 (15:12 / 38:30 / 60:48). Once again this week, a strong performance by Kai Gerlach, who is starting for injured center Dirk Koehler, was critical to the team’s success.
"Kai did a great job in this game, he is definitely ready to play at this level" said coach Nicolai RSV Zeltinger. Zeltinger was impressed again this week with the performance of the 21-year old forward. On the other hand, the team is concerned with the possible long-term loss of veteran centre Koehler. Team Doctor Petra Michel Leutheuser is estimating if the treatment goes well that Koehler will be ready to play in Zwickau at the end of November. “The MRI showed that two of Dirk’s vertebrae are very enflamed and sore but not herniated.”
On Saturday evening the spectators saw thrilling game. These two aggressive teams played hard for 40 minutes giving the officials a tough job. In total 31 fouls were called including three unsportsmanlike technical fouls. With both teams pressing the game was fast paced and rough. The Wetzlar team won the first quarter 15:12 despite several hard fouls. In the second quarter, with Richard Peter on the bench in foul trouble, Canadian new comer Adam Lancia showed great leadership and confidence guiding his Bonn team to a 15:16 lead. With three minutes left in the first half the Lahn Dill team gained momentum again after a big three-point shot by guard Michael Paye. Captain Joey Johnson was fired up, scoring 5 straight and carrying the team into the halftime break with an 8 point lead.
The Bonn team was unable to carry their pace and focus into the 2nd half. Their shooting percentage dropped significantly and the Lahn Dill defense shut down the offensive attack of Lancia. Coach Martin Otto was unable to swing the momentum back to favor his team. RSV Lahn Dill took advantage of this opportunity to pull away and extend their lead to 58:39. Top scorer Michael Paye added eight more points before Coach Zeltinger brought in his bench and rested some of his starting five players. Bonn went on a short run led by German national team player Thomas Becker bringing Bonn back to within 9 points (52:61). The RSV team kept their composure despite a few turnovers and finished the game with a decisive 76-60 victory.
Next weekend, the RSV Lahn Dill team, currently ranked 2nd, will be on the road to play the number four team in the league, the Cologne 99ers.
Lahn-Dill: Michael Payé (23), Joey Johnson (17), Richard Peter (12), Kai Gerlach (10), Annika Zeyen (6), Thomas Gundert (4), Gesche Schünemann (2), Marco Zwerger (2), Felix Schellenberg, Jan Kampmann (DNP).
Bonn: Adam Lancia (23), Thomas Becker (21), Tarik Cajo (10), Sven Fischer (2), Joerg Hilger (2), Björn Lohmann (2), Mareike Adermann, Jan Haller, Britta Kautz, Edina Mueller, Tim Osterhammel.

RSV-Magazin Defense