RSV Lahn Dill advances into the quarter final of the DRS cup with two victories!

DRS Cup wins over Berlin and Warendorf – in December Heidelberg awaits
First league Wheelchair basketball team, RSV Lahn Dill were unstoppable in the first round of the DRS Pokal 2008/2009. RSV Lahn Dill advanced easily to the next round after two decisive wins over ALBA Berlin and second league team BBC Warendorf.  The Wetzlar team who represent central Hessen are now in the quarter final of the cup competition. They are looking forward to going back to the cathedral city to meet their next competition, second league team SGK Heidelberg before Christmas.
ALBA Berlin – RSV Lahn Dill 32:96 (6:25/16:48/24:72)
The team from Wetzlar faced its’ first task of the new Pokal Cup season without any problems. Two members of the starting line-up, Dirk Kohler and Marco Zwerger, were unable to attend the games, so Coach Nicolai Zeltinger was forced to use his bench and to play some different line-ups during this crucial cup game. Young Kai Gerlach got the nod from the Coach to start the game and had a very strong performance in his twenty minutes of play, with nine rebounds, three assists and 18 points.  USA point guard Michael Paye added 10 assists, and Canadian Richard Peter shot 88% from the field leading the Lahn Dill team to a convincing win.
Berlin: Oliver Hermann (12), Jan-Bruno Rittner (10), Michael Bayer (4), Morten Pedersen (4), Ingo Kaleschke (2), Bernhard Hesse, Jens Majer, Khalid Rahmouni-Alami.
Lahn-Dill: Kai Gerlach (18/1), Joey Johnson (18), Richard Peter (17), Michael Paye (13), Annika Zeyen (10), Felix Schell (8), Gesche Schünemann (8), Thomas Gundert (4), Jan Kampmann.
BBC Warendorf – RSV Lahn Dill 40:101 (11:25/16:50/29:75)
In the second crucial cup game of the weekend the RSV Lahn Dill team showed up well prepared and clearly more focused than last weekend in their league game against Augsburg.  Coach Nicolai Zeltinger commented “We were all ready to perform today and the players from the bench came in and did a very good job”. Coach Zeltinger is pleased with the performance of Michael Paye who has only been back in Germany for about 10 days. The 36 year old head coach is also extremely happy with the team’s new addition, Canadian Richard Peter. “These guys are playing together for the first time and they compliment each other very well in terms of the skills and intensity they demonstrate”. Michael Paye led all scorers with 28 points breaking the 100 point mark with just 48 second remaining in the game.
Warendorf: Marcel Fedde (16/2), Tobias Weber (11), Andreas Wietel (8/1), Jens Wibbelt (5/1), Jörg Heichel, Gada Jammoul, Dietmar Fedde (n.e.).
Lahn-Dill: Michael Paye (28), Joey Johnson (23/2), Richard Peter (22), Gesche Schünemann (12), Felix Schell (6), Kai Gerlach (3), Thomas Gundert (3), Jan Kampmann (2), Annika Zeyen (2).

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