RSV Lahn-Dill stays on track in Augsburg

Paye returns – Schuenemann at career high
A rather average performance gave RSV Lahn-Dill a 88-47 (20-8/42-20/63-33) win at Augsburg. The club keeps a clean record of 3-0 wins and leads German Bundesliga ahead of Frankfurt and Zwickau, both having a 3-0 record, too. Michael Paye returned to the after two weeks extra leave to celebrate the wedding of his brother
German paralympic silver medallist Gesche Schünemann had a remarkable performance, as she tallied a career-high 19 points, nailing three three-pointers. Even though his team controlled the game and won by a 41-point margin, head coach Nicolai Zeltinger wasn´t overall satisfied with his team´s performance: "We gave away too many possesions and points by individual mistakes."
It wasn´t until five minutes into the game that Lahn-Dill increased the pace and took a 12-6 lead. Zeltinger then substituted four players and brought in Michael Paye, who immediately scored four consecutive point to bring his team up by ten 18-8 (10′). Lahn-Dill increased the lead steadily from 35-12 (16′) und 49-25 (23′) but still had a number of turnovers.
Juergen Heinrich sent his team once 8-0 scoring run at the opening of the fourth quarter, but Gesche Schünemann made a set of three three-pointers, and Marco Zwerger added nine points within the remaining six minutes to give their side a convenient lead.
Augsburg: Manfred Wolf (14), Jürgen Heinrich (12/1 Dreier), Thomas Paa (12), Klaus Berger (5), Birgit Meitner (2), Thorsten Schmid (2), Frank Maczurek, Albert Schweinberger.
Lahn-Dill: Gesche Schünemann (19/3), Joey Johnson (17), Kai Gerlach (12), Marco Zwerger (11), Richard Peter (9), Michael Paye (8), Felix Schell (8), Annika Zeyen (4), Thomas Gundert.

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