Roster for the new season is complete: Zeyen stays for another year, Legath leaves

The East-German side of RSC Rollis Zwickau will traditionally be the strongest competitor for the German championship. But the Saxonian team is still – like the rest of the Bundesliga teams – didn´t present its roster for 2008-2009 yet. Even though its very likely that quite a number of transfers of players will take place until the new season kicks off on October 4th.
RSV Lahn-Dill finished planning the roster this week. Canadian paralympian and two times gold medallist Richard Peter will join the team, as announced earlier this month. Nicolas Hausammann and Markus Legath will leave the team after just one year.  Annika Zeyen agreed to stay for another year, adding maybe the most valuable option to coach Zeltinger´s side. RSV-officials are still considering if they maybe search another player for the upcoming Champions-Cup.
But until the preparations for the new season will start, half of the team will compete at the XIIth Paralympic Games in Beijing from September 6th to 13th. Annika Zeyen and Gesche Schünemann have been selected for the German women´s team, Dirk Koehler is on the roster of the German men´s side. Joey Johnson and Richard Peter have been nominated for the Canadian team and Mikey Paye will compete for the team of the United States.

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