Captain Joey Johnson got his 2000th point for RSV Lahn-Dill along with a triple-double

Before the 850 spectators in the August-Bebel Sporthalle, Wetzlar jumped out in the lead in the first quarter (18:11). But Munich put up a good fight. In the second quarter they used different tactics and at one point narrowed the gap to 28:24. "They played skilfully and created mismatches leading to simple points for them," commented Zeltinger. Bavarian center Benjamin Ryklin scored an impressive 26 points and 14 rebounds in the game. But the catching up by the Munich team was answered shortly by Wetzlar with a 12 point difference in front.

In the 3rd and 4th quarters Wetzlar proved they are ready and worthy of a position in the finals. Annika Zeyen played strong and proved what an asset she is to the team, while Nicolas Hausammann’s playing continues on the upward curve. Unfortunately, the miserable free throw ratio of Nicolai Zeltinger’s team does not leave him in peace. In this game RSV only hit 8 of 25 shot attempts at the line. Regardless of that, Lahn-Dill came out on top (74-48). Next week the team travels to Lower Saxony to play Osnabruck.

Lahn-Dill: Joey Johnson (16), Michael Paye (16), Dirk Köhler-Lenz (11), Nicolas Hausammann (10), Annika Zeyen (7), Marco Zwerger (6), Kai Gerlach (4), Gesche Schünemann (4), Thomas Gundert, Jan Kampmann, Markus Legath, Felix Schell.

Munich: Benjamin Ryklin (26), Leonhard Appel (6), Ben Döring (6), Thomas Böhme (4), Florian Fischer (4), Johanna Welin (2), Daniel Heine, Bernd Miller.

RSV-Magazin Defense